The Danish Bioinformatics Landscape


The analysis focuses on research, education and the workforce landscape of Danish bioinformatics. It is conducted by IRIS Group for the Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF). NNF wishes to develop strategic initiatives in bioinformatics to help ensure that current and future needs for talented bioinformaticians in research and development are met across industry, academia and hospitals in Denmark.

To assess the current situation and gain insight into the near-future situation in Denmark, the analysis was conducted by combining desk research with interviews and surveys with key stakeholders in these settings and represents the majority of those currently using bioinformatics in Denmark.

Based on this analysis, an adequate supply of appropriate future bioinformatic skillsets and profiles in Denmark will be dependent on addressing six key challenges:

  • Funding of bioinformatics research and education.
  • Successful integration of bioinformatics into other programmes.
  • Collaboration between the life sciences and data sciences.
  • Provision of vocational training and education.
  • Retention and attraction of international talent.
  • Continued and expanded access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure

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