The consultants at IRIS Group come from academic backgrounds within economy, political science and sociology, among others. Find out more about each of us and our contact information on the page below.

Committed professionals


Jens Nyholm

Partner and Manager

Jens is an experienced project manager and a specialist in both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Jens has managed both big and small analyses within the areas of subjects such as innovation, knowledge-intensive partnerships, life science, development of business clusters, entrepreneurship and local promotion of trade and industry. Besides that, Jens is also an experienced lecturer and expert in industrial- and innovation politics.

Jens holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Copenhagen.

Jens Bjerg

Partner and Manager

Jens is an experienced project manager, a sharp analyst and a great communicator.

Jens is an expert in sector analyses, analyses of the university sector and an expert in analyses of new trends and technologies – and their significance for important parts of the Danish industrial and trade sector. Jens is used to deliver top-level counselling for demanding customers in all areas of industry- and innovation policy.

Jens holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Copenhagen.

Anders Asboe Christensen

Deputy director

Anders has extensive experience in conducting both quantitative and qualitative analyses and evaluations within the areas of industry- and innovation policy.

Anders has for a large number of years been project manager and consultant for both municipalities, knowledge institutions regions as well as government agencies and organizations.

Anders holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of Copenhagen.

Benedikte Bjerge


Benedikte has both thorough knowledge of and great experience with the use of quantitative medthods as well as data collection, data processing, and data presentation.

Benedikte works principally with in-depth evaluations and effect analyses based on Danish register data and survey data.

Benedikte holds a master’s degree and a Ph.d. in economics from the University of Copenhagen.

Helle Maiken Fischer


Helle is a specialist in business and science policy as well as qualitative methods.

Helle conducts analyses and evaluations of research and development collaborations between knowledge institutions and the industrial sector, including analyses of growth potential and barriers among SMEs.

Helle holds a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Copenhagen.

Frederik Gaardboe


Frederik is specialised within the policy domains of innovation, business and science and in his work he uses both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Frederik conducts evaluations of knowledge-intensive partnerships, bibliometric analyses of scientific strongholds, and impact assesments of innovation programmes and trade promotion schemes.

Frederik holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of Copenhagen.

Cecilie Glerup


Cecilie is a specialist in all forms of qualitative methods and holds great competences within the areas of innovation- and science policy, especially with a focus on how these policy areas affect knowledge institutions and industry. She is also well versed within the areas of organisation analysis and analysis of knowledge-intensive partnerships.

Cecilie works broadly within the areas of qualitative analyses as well as studies of new and emerging trends within the areas of science and innovation.

Cecilie holds a master’s degree in political science and sociology from Roskilde University and a Ph.d. from Copenhagen Business School.

Karoline Helmark

Junior consultant

Karoline is junior consultant and she primarily works with quantitative methods, data collection and econometric analyses and presentations.

Karoline studies political science at the University of Copenhagen.

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Johan Rath

Junior consultant

Johan is junior consultant and he primarily works with register- and survey analyses. Johan is part of the entire analysis process from data collection and analysis to presentation.

Johan studies business economy at Copenhagen Business School.

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